Happy New Year from Pastor Godbee
January 1, 2017
At The Movies with The River
February 7, 2017

Health Initiative Launch

Join us this Saturday morning for our Community Kick-Off Health Initiative, it is open to EVERYONE! Bring a neighbor, Bring a friend and let’s work together for a Healthy 2017! You can drop in and out depending on your availability! #ThisIsMyAnythingYear #TeamRiver #TheCitiesChurch #Health #Wellness #Nutrition #Education #Support

The 2017 Health Initiative will promote the benefits of holistic health and wellness within the community it serves. We will offer opportunities to be informed about making healthier choices, engage with community health leaders, participate in demonstrations and partake in various health events throughout the year.  In 3 or 4 week segments throughout 2017, participants will learn about the following health-related topics:

  • January 29th to February 25th – Move It, Move It!: Walking, Running, Dancing and Moving toward better health
  • March 13th to April 8th – Better Nutrition
  • April 24th to May 20th – Cancer Awareness and Prevention
  • June 5th to June 24th – Natural Healing

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