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Our Founders: Bishop Joby Brady
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Our Founders: Bishop Joby & Pastor Sheryl Brady

The fresh anointing on Bishop Joby Brady, complemented with an insight in the revelation of God’s word, is touching the hearts of people around the world.  It is very evident that God has raised Bishop Brady up to challenge the Body of Christ out of their complacency.  He encourages the church to dry their tears, fight the good fight of faith, and plow with their worship until Christ comes.

Bishop Brady travels extensively throughout the world ministering in conferences, and leadership seminars.  His gifting is recognized by many key leaders of this nation to be in the forefront of the apostolic and prophetic function within the Body of Christ.

Bishop Brady is the founder of River Fellowship International, providing apostolic covering for pastors, church leaders, and local churches.  The purpose of this network is to sharpen, shape, and strengthen the gift that God has given church leaders to move ministry towards the destiny that God has designed.

Bishop Brady along with his wife, Pastor Sheryl Brady, are the founders of The River, an exciting and thriving church located in Durham, NC.  The River has been impacting North Carolina’s Triangle Region since 1999 by challenging its members to realize and fulfill their regional and global responsibilities.     

Bishop and Pastor Brady are the proud parents of three lovely daughters who are all active in their ministry.  When you experience the ministry of Bishop Brady, you will quickly recognize the sovereignty of God upon his life, family, and ministry.

Our Founders: Pastor Sheryl Brady

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