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4Life Overview:

The 4Life Youth Ministry mission is to empower students to live 4LOVE, 4LEADERSHIP, 4LEGACY and 4LIFE.  Living a Life 4CHRIST 4LIFE.  The 4Life leadership team aligns with the following responsibilities: Youth Pastor, Administration, Creative Team, Worship Pastor, Technical Media, Social Media, Group Life leader, Operations, and Culinary.


All 4Life volunteers are required to complete an application, successfully pass a background check, interview, attend a four (4)-week training, and shadow a 4Life team member.  4Life training consists of: 4L Standards, D & D‟s – Discipleship and DEVO‟s, 10-10-1, Social Media.
4Life leaders and volunteers are expected to adhere to the following rules, including but not limited to: always be on time (if you cannot make it notify one of the leaders 24 hours in advance), be accountable, obey and respect all staff/leaders/each other, always do your best, be authentic/ be yourself, know that leaders will socialize with students, all students will wear nametags, all leaders will wear nametags, no talking or disturbing during meetings, no adult leaders should be texting students unless they are student leaders, never confront a student or be with a student of the opposite sex alone, if you notice a student with misconduct, includes excessive talking/joking, cell phone use, PDA (public displays of affection), violence you are encouraged to give them one warning then ask them to exit with you.  Properly handling behavior issues are outlined in the 4Life Team Manual. Provide student one verbal warning, then the second time pull them aside to speak to them, and the third time they will be put out and parents notified and not allowed back for a week.

When leaders and volunteers are addressing students: look students in the eye during the conversation. This communicates confidence and authority on your part.  Start the conversation by introducing yourself. Tell them your name and ask for their name. This action is an icebreaker that disarms the situation and puts the student at ease.  Calmly explain the rule that they were in violation of and explain how they broke that rule. Explain briefly the reason behind the rule so they understand why we enforce it and also what action we take when that rule is broken. Make sure that the student understands what you have just communicated to them. Never yell, use slang terms, physically grab or touch them, or confront a student of the opposite sex alone.
No tolerance of:  alcohol, drugs, weapons, violence, sexual misconduct, discrimination, etc.  No tobacco products.  Zero tolerance of sexual harassment of any kind.  No abuse of equipment or facilities.  No speeding in vehicles.  Student drivers cannot leave early unless they have permission from their parents and cannot take other students unless permission from their parents or unless they came together.  Use garbage cans for all trash.   Dress code for females: no short skirts, no short shorts, no cleavage showing, no back-out tops, nothing revealing.  Dress code for males: no sagging pants, no gang colors of any sort for male and females, and no undergarment tanks/”wife-beater” shirts.  No graphics t-shirts that are disrespectful.


4Life serves youth ages 6 weeks to 18, in 3 different groups: 4Life Kids (6wks  – 23 months, 2 – 3 yr olds, 4 – 5 yr olds, 1st – 5th grade), 4Life Jr. High (6th – 8th grade), and 4Life High (9th – 12th grade).  Various programs and teaching methods will be used and outings planned when serving youth in the 4Life ministry.

4 Life Code of Conduct

Click to download the 4 Life Code of Conduct

Service Hours

9:30 am

Tuesday "Wildin' Out"
7:00 pm

Age Ranges

Main group
Ages 6 to 12

Ages 1 to 5

New born to 12 months

Tuesdays 6 pm

4life service ages 13-19
Friday 7 pm